Wireless monitoring systems, Smart-Vue

Dodávateľ: Thermo Fisher Scientific
THBRSV103-514-LSBEA 10131.11 EUR
THBRSV103-514-LSB THBRSV209-201 THBRSV212-501 THBRSV209-101 THBRSV609-500-LSB 620-1890 620-1891 620-1892 THBRSV608-500-LSB 620-1893 THBRSV611-500-LSB 620-1894 THBRSV607-500-LSB 620-1895 THBRSV204-201 620-1896 THBRSV200-201 THBRSV610-500-LSB 620-1897 620-1875 620-1876 620-1898 620-1888 THBRSV612-500-LSB THBRSV103-511-LSB THBRSV207-201 THBRSV203-201 THBRSV206-201 THBRSV210-201 THBRSV603-500-LSB THBRSV106-503-LSB THBRSV103-512-LSB 620-1887 THBRSV202-201 620-1877 620-1879 THBRSV103-513-LSB THBRSV606-500-LSB THBRSV604-500-LSB THBRSV605-500-LSB THBRSV201-201
Wireless monitoring systems, Smart-Vue
Systémy monitorování Systémy monitorování CO2 a teploty
Ambient measurements or monitoring of laboratory equipment.

  • Easy to read display of monitored setpoints directly on module
  • Wireless data transmission (868 MHz): No wiring or rebuilding required for installation
  • Fully integrated open software: Data can easily be exported to Excel, Word or PDF
  • Safety signal transfer: Automatic signal recognition makes it possible to use each module as repeater
  • Accessible anywhere via the internet with Smart-Vue client software

These instruments safeguard the integrity of precious samples by continuously monitoring and reporting critical conditions, such as temperature, relative humidity, CO₂ percentage and differential pressure. They can be used in highly controlled environments, pharmaceutical production, biotechnology, IVF clinics, clinical studies and diagnostic laboratories, as well as in storage areas. If high/low setpoints are reached, notifications are immediately sent to the user by means of the chosen alert method (visual siren, fax, telephone, email or text messaging).

Certifikácie: Traceability to 21 CFR part 11

Objednávacie informácie: More modules for monitoring CO₂, pressure, mA analogue output signals and dry contact inputs are available. Please contact your local Avantor representative for further information on models and additional accessories.

Informace o dodávce: Supplied with a module, sensor, 3,6 V lithium battery, mounting holder with Velcro, magnet & hardware, CD ROM with software drivers and user manuals. Repeater (optional), receiver (required) and alarm systems need to be ordered separately.

Pozor: * Alarm system equipped with integrated 3,6 V lithium battery for memory back-up, prevents loss of data when power fails.
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