Churn sample splitters for water-sediment mixtures

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Churn sample splitters for water-sediment mixtures
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Provides an efficient method of preparing subsamples of collected water-sediment mixtures from stream flows for water quality analysis.

  • Polyethylene sample splitter consists of a thick walled cylindrical vessel with a disc churn
  • Center handle extends through the cover and a locating notch keeps it oriented in one direction
  • Small polypropylene spring-loaded spigot drains the subsamples into bottles for delivery to the water quality laboratory
  • Carrying handle makes carrying the full or empty vessel easy
  • Lid and spigot are replaceable

Water sediment samples are poured into the sample splitter where they are composited into one representative cross section sample of the stream flow. This composite can then be split into the required four to sixteen representative subsamples.
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