Venipuncture sets, Venofix® Safety

Dodávateľ: B. Braun
Venofix® Safety Venofix® Venofix Safety®
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Venipuncture sets, Venofix® Safety
These safety winged IV needles made of high quality stainless steel are ideal for short-term infusions (up to 24 h), injections, transfusions and blood collection.

  • Micro siliconised precision bevel
  • Large and flexible interlocking wings with structured grip surface
  • In-vein activation - no exposure to contaminated needle
  • Audible click assures that safety mechanism is activated
  • Once locked, the safety mechanism stays locked
  • Latex-free

The manually activated safety mechanism prevents from needle stick injuries and exposure to the contaminated needle.

Tubing: Standard length 30 cm (21G also available in 18 cm), DEHP-free, kink-resistant, flexible, good readjusting properties, transparent.
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