Orbital shakers, Orbital-Genie™

Dodávateľ: Scientific Industries

SCIISI-1702EA 3391.79 EUR
Orbital shakers, Orbital-Genie™
Třepačky Třepačky orbitální
Large platform shaker with choice of different platform options: Universal ratcheting clamp, adhering mat or unit with standard
flask clamps.

  • Variable shaking speed with orbit reversing
  • Fully programmable - time, reversing time, acceleration/deceleration rates, and variable run/stop time
  • Create any mixing action from a smooth vortex to sloshing aeration (or anything in between)
  • Equipped with stepper motor, delivering exceptional speed control, accuracy, and durability
  • Timer displays time or, when programmed to a defined limit, will shut off the unit
  • Can be used at 0 to +40 °C (maximum 80% relative humidity, non-condensing), in an incubator, CO₂ incubator or cold room

Orbital-Genie with universal ratcheting clamps provides the flexibility for using a mix of different size and shape vessels on a single platform. Unit is supplied with two ratcheting and one non-ratcheting cushioned clamps. Extra ratcheting clamps for more than two rows of smaller vessels are optional.

Orbital-Genie with adhering mat provides a flat platform with adhering rubber mat perfect for use with open containers. Simple rinse clean to renew adhering properties.

Orbital-Genie for standard flask clamps is equipped with a platform for accepting various size flasks or beakers. Clamps are sold separately.
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