EPROM Erasers, Memorase®

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EPROM Erasers, Memorase®
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Memorase® EPROM Erasers are available in a range of sizes, from compact models to large capacity models for erasing PC boards and wafer trays. Microchip erasure occurs rapidly with the 254 nm UV. All EPROM Erasers are UV safe.

The compact desktop DE-4 accommodate up to eight EPROMs and uses a 4-watt shortwave tube with a typical erasure time of 8,3 minutes.

The C-91 has capacity for 96 EPROMs and features a grid lamp, tube viewports and cumulative hour meter.

The large capacity C-600 model accommodates 600 EPROMs loaded in production rails, PC boards or wafer trays. The C-600 comes with an ozone free grid lamp which supplies uniform shortwave (254 nm) UV to erase EPROMs in seven minutes. The system feature safety interlock drawer, cumulative hour meter and viewports.

All EPROM Erasers come equipped with conductive foam pads to prevent electrostatic build up.
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