illustra™ PCR nucleotide mix dNTP set

Dodávateľ: Cytiva
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28-4065-60 28-4065-64
illustra™ PCR nucleotide mix dNTP set
Činidla pro nukleové kyseliny Nukleotidy
PCR nucleotide mix dNTP set (2 mM, 10 mM, or 25 mM each A,C,G,T) for amplification, dideoxy sequencing, labelling, mutagenesis, cDNA synthesis, and expression profiling.

  • Free from DNase, RNase, and nicking enzyme activity
  • Greater than 99% triphosphate purity (by HPLC) for optimum performance and consistency
  • Buffer-free and ready to use solutions in multiple formats
  • Functionally tested for long PCR and sequencing
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