Watch glasses

Dodávateľ: Hecht
HECH40012015EA 9.36 EUR
HECH40012015 HECH40012010 HECH40010011 HECH40012008 HECH40010010_U HECH40010014_U 216-0437 HECH40010004_U HECH40010015_U HECH40010018_U HECH40012006 HECH40010007_U HECH40010009_U HECH40010005_U HECH40010020 HECH40012020 HECH40012012 216-0438 HECH40010012_U
Watch glasses
Skla hodinová
Evaporating dishes, made of glass, with fused rim.

  • Good chemical restistance
  • Available with or without hole

Certifikácie: DIN 12 341
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