Laboratory glassware washers, FlaskScrubbers™

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Laboratory glassware washers, FlaskScrubbers™
Myčky laboratorního skla
FlaskScrubber glassware washers are designed to wash and dry narrow-neck and general purpose labware. They have a lower spindle rack that holds up to 36 pieces of primarily narrow-neck glassware such as volumetric flasks. Water and detergent are pumped through the spindles to reach the innermost areas of your glassware. Forced air drying through the spindles ensures thorough drying inside and out. Specialized inserts for pipets, BOD bottles, petri dishes, culture tubes and small utensils enhance the FlaskScrubber's versatility. The washer may be outfitted with an upper standard or spindle rack to increase capacity. FlaskScrubber is a viable option for cleaning and reuse of glassware used for trace metal, volatile organic and semi-volatile organic compounds.

  • Built-in purified water pump, steam generator and forced air drying
  • Dual pumps, one for washing and the other for draining
  • Option to lock programs to prevent unauthorised changes
  • Two user-set and ten factory-set cycle programs
  • LCD information center for customizing cycles and monitoring operation
  • User-set delayed start and display alarms
  • No center water distribution tower allowing for greater glassware capacity

Washers include a motor that recirculates up to 424 L (112 gal.) of water per minute throughout the tank, purified water pump, steam generator, and detergent and neutralizing rinse solution dispensers. Each washer comes with a lower spindle rack containing 36 detachable large spindles for washing narrow-neck glassware, 18 glassware holders, 36 clips, 10 small spindles, and a 1,9 cm (3/4") hose barb for connection to a purified water source. Washers can also be accessorised with inserts to hold pipettes, an upper spindle rack, or racks and inserts that hold other specialized glassware. The front door on all washers is brushed stainless steel. Freestanding models also have brushed stainless steel sides and top. Washers with a viewing window in the door have a 25 W interior light that illuminates the tank while the latch is locked. Freestanding models can be converted to mobile units with a mobile conversion kit.
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