Laboratory jacks

Dodávateľ: Bochem
BOCH11123EA 226.89 EUR
BOCH11123 245-1191 245-1194 245-1193 245-1192 BOCH11133 BOCH11143 245-1190 245-0027 245-1215 245-0028
Laboratory jacks
Zvedáky laboratorní
These lab jacks feature an improved scissor technology with reduced tolerances. The scissor construction is made of 18/10-stainless steel.

  • Ergonomic round knob (either made of plastic or metal)
  • Smaller models up to 240×240 mm have a simple adjusting wheel which can be operated by hand
  • Larger models from 300×300 mm on should be used with a ratchet, which connects with the special adjusting wheel (ratchet is included)
  • Models with metal knob are autoclavable

Certifikácie: DIN 12897
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